Service & Support

At Sun Rental Centers, service and support is a primary goal for every customer coming through our doors.


When you need to rent equipment, it’s our job to ensure that you get the right tools for the job at the right price for your project. That’s why, when you come into any store, we like to find out:

  • How you will use the equipment or tools
  • How long you’ll need it
  • Who will be operating the equipment
  • Where will the equipment be used

Once we understand more about the purpose for the equipment, we can work with you to determine whether equipment will be rented:

  • Hourly (2 hour minimum for all lawn and garden equipment)
  • Half-day (4 hour minimum on most equipment)
  • Full-day or 24 hour increments
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

At Sun Rental Centers, we have knowledgeable staff available to help you to make good decisions about rentals. We help you to get the right tool for the job every time.


Renting equipment often comes with many questions. When you initially rent the equipment we talk with you about how to safely use the equipment. We also provide you with a brief training on how to turn on the equipment and about certain features of the equipment.

But sometimes once you get the equipment to the work-site, you’ll find that you still have questions.

We are here to support you!

To obtain support for rented equipment, call the location where you rented the equipment and we will gladly assist you!

Rent Everything Under the Sun!