Ozone Machine

O-Z Care Systems destroy odor-causing bacteria and molecules.This econom- ical environmental odor neutralizer actually destroys the source of the odor and leaves pure fresh oxygen in its place.The O-Z unit is a large-capacity ozone generator ideal for commercial use. It is excellent for smoke damage, mold, mildew, pet odor and other sources of odor commonly found in build- ing maintenance and refurbishing.The O-Z unit will eliminate odor in any indoor location, including basements, kitchens, bathrooms and more. It also provides rapid deodorizing for hotel/motel rooms, meeting rooms, used cars and boats.


Ozone attacks organic matter. Not for use in inhabited areas. Limited exposure can cause nausea. Prolonged exposure, more than 48 hours, can be hazardous. Do not get machine wet. Consult MSDS sheet before use.